Pet Backpacks


No more reasons to leave pets at home!

Thanks to Ibiyaya’s line of pet backpacks, leaving pets at home will become a thing of the past! We offer high-quality pet backpacks perfect for every pet, whether you’re looking for one for your birds, bunnies, cats, or dogs!

For anxious pets who love to be around their owners all the time, the Hug Pack Dog Sling Carrier is an excellent choice. This allows you to take your pet wherever while giving them the sensation of feeling hugged. This will surely calm them down and help them enjoy more outdoor adventures with you!

If you want to purchase a product that does it all, get the EVA 4-in-1 Pet Backpack Carrier. Unlike conventional strollers, our EVA is highly versatile — use it as a dog carrier with wheels, dog backpack with wheels, dog shoulder bag, deluxe car seat booster, and dog travel carrier. You’ll never want another pet backpack once you have our EVA!

Our pet backpacks are designed with your own and your pet’s comfort in mind. Buy one today and enjoy more outdoor adventures with your best buddy!

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