Everest Dog Stairs (L)

FF2021-L-G – Gray / SKU FF2021-L-B – Dusty Blue

With the assistance of the Everest Pet Stairs, your canine or feline companion will have no trouble reaching previously inaccessible heights and will be able to join you on the sofa or bed. In addition to being cute and useful, this item relieves the stress that is placed on the paws and joints of pets, making it possible for them to travel in complete ease.

Your four-legged companion will be able to scale any peak with the assistance of the Everest Pet Stairs.

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Colors that complement your decor: Gray and Dusty Blue are the pet stairs colors that are available.

Three Steps Pet Stairs: The new staircase consists of three steps, with the first step serving as a rest area and being wider and longer than the other two steps combined.

Beautifully designed: Stylish foldable pet stairs for bed or couch means that they are designed to complement the style of your home.

Long-lasting: The cat and dog steps for bed or couch can support loads weighing up to 20 kilograms (44.10 pounds).

Easy to Clean: The 2cm thick ladder cushion and the high-density, detachable, washable, and water-resistant weave make cat or dog ramp cleaning a breeze. Additionally, the weave is water-resistant.

When not in use, these foldable pet stairs merely require a minimal amount of space in one’s home or office.

Quick and Easy Assembly Dog Ramp: Included in the package are hexagonal screws, which streamline the assembly process.

Safety with Non-Slip Foot Pad: To ensure the well-being of your canine companions, a foot pad that does not slip is included.

Because you have the Everest Pet Stairs, your furry companion will always be able to come snuggle up to you whenever you want them to.

With the assistance of the Ibiyaya cat or puppy stairs for bed and couch, you and your furry four-legged child will be able to reach previously unreachable heights.


  • Recommended Weight Limit: 20kg/44.10lbs
  • Dimensions: L68 W40 H43 (cm); L26.8 W15.8 H17.0 (in)
  • Stair Tread Measurement:
  • 1st Step L40 W30 (cm), 2nd Step L40 W19 (cm); 3rd Step L40 W20
  • 1st Step L15.8 W11.8 (in), 2nd Step L15.8 W7.5, 3rd Step L15.8 W7.9 (in)
  • Steps Height Measurement:
  • 1st Step H17(cm), 2nd Step H13 (cm), 3rd Step H13 (cm) ;
  • 1st Step H6.7 (in), 2nd Step H5.1 (in), 3rd Step H5.1 (in)
  • N.W.: 2.3kg; 5.1lbs


  • Spot cleaning, handwash.
  • Cold.
  • Do not expose to sun directly.
  • Dry flat in shade.


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Additional information


Dusty Blue, Gray

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