Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed

Ensure that your dog gets the best sleep with our Orthopedic Dog Bed

Ibiyaya’s Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed is an excellent choice for senior dogs or dogs with orthopedic issues. Our bed uses an orthopedic air fiber foam core, certified by countless agencies for safety, quality, and integrity. This material offers superior support to relieve your dog’s aching joints and muscles and has filled bolsters for optimal neck and head support.
Our Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed is made from breathable materials to keep your dog cool throughout their sleep, perfect for the Philippines’ humid weather. It also comes with a removable and machine-washable cover, so you can clean the bed within minutes!

  • Orthopedic air fiber core
  • Eco-friendly and pet-safe
  • High-elastic material
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  • Orthopedic air fiber core: Unlike other orthopedic dog beds, ours is made with an orthopedic air fiber core. Countless agencies have certified this material, and it is guaranteed to relieve your dog’s joint pain, muscle aches, and other orthopedic issues.
  • Foam bolster sides: This bed features foam bolster sides that create a cozy and safe sleeping environment for your dog. It also offers optimal support for your dog’s head and neck, so they can experience a deep sleep and wake up pain-free.
  • Eco-friendly and pet-safe: The main component of our Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed is air fiber, a cutting-edge material that’s eco-friendly. It’s also one of the safest materials for your pet as it passed the CMA/CNAS/ilac-MRA Food-Grade Testing and EU EOHS Food-Grade Safety Certification, meaning it will not irritate their skin or cause health risks when accidentally swallowed.
  • High-elastic material: Another great feature of the air fiber core is that it conforms to the shape of your dog’s body. This enables the bed to provide optimal spine support and protection to your fur baby. And because this material doesn’t lose shape or shrink, you can guarantee that your pet will experience the same feature for years.Breathable: Your home will never stink when you choose our Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed. The air fiber is a breathable material and doesn’t hold odors. This will keep the bed smelling cleaner and fresher!
  • Easy to clean: The Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed will only take a few minutes to clean. Just remove the cover and throw it in your washing machine. And regardless of how often you clean the bed, it won’t lose its shape.
  • Easy assemble and disassemble: You can assemble and disassemble this bed within minutes. This feature allows you to transport and store the bed with ease!
    Ideal for any home: Our Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed is aesthetically pleasing and comes in different hues and sizes. With the number of options available, you can choose one that matches the interiors of your home.
  • OKEO-TEX certified: The materials used are OKEO-TEX Certified, indicating that the bed is free from harmful chemicals that might adversely impact your own and your pet’s health.
  • TUV certified: Our Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed is TUV certified, which means that the product has been tested for safety and has complied with national, regional, and international regulations.
  • SGS certified: This dog bed is SGS certified. SGS or Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A. is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification organization. It shows that our product is recognized for integrity and quality.
  • Passed BV safety testing: Bureau Veritas is a French company specializing in testing, inspection, and certification founded in 1828. This shows that the dog bed is free from toxic materials and heavy metals. This guarantees your dog’s safety regardless of how often they use the bed.
  • Colors available: Royal blue, brick red, and tan
  • Sizes:
    • Medium (84 x 64 x 15 cm or 33” x 64” x 6”), ideal for small breeds, such as Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle, Pug, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, French Bulldog, and cats
    • Large (100 x 70 x 15 cm or 39” x 27” x 6”), ideal for medium-sized breeds, such as Beagle, Aspin, and Toy Poodle
    • Extra Large (114 x 89 x 15 cm or 45” x 35” x 6”), ideal for large dogs, like Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Labrador Retrievers

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Brick Red, Royal Blue, Tan

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