Cloud 9 Pet Stroller, Foldable Pram For Cats, Rabbits, or Medium-Sized Dogs, 4-Wheel, Spacious, and Stylish Cabin


“Easy, airy, and cozy for both you and your pets!”

What is superior to a single pet? Obviously, two pets! In order to accommodate medium dogs or several small animals, the Cloud 9 Pet Stroller has been upgraded with a strengthened ergonomic design and a roomier compartment. You won’t have to worry about what people will think when they see how much fun your pet appears to be having on its first day out shopping and exploring the city with this awesome Cloud 9 stroller thanks to its trendy colorways of mustard yellow and mint green as well as all these other great features!

Suitable for dogs or cats up to 20 kg, this lightweight pet stroller will keep your four-legged buddy safe and secure along with its rear brakes and safety leash. The freely rotating front wheels also make turning on a variety of surfaces easy. Due to its straightforward folding mechanism, this collapsible design takes up very little room when it is stored, making it a great travel companion as well!

The mesh windows protect your pet from bugs and insects while also giving them fresh airflow. This multiple pet stroller has plenty of storage space for your belongings, including cups and other travel-friendly equipment. There is space under its seats for the furry companions’ preferred toys, and the rear pocket and undercarriage are ideal for carrying anything else a person might need when transporting many pets.


  • FULLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: With the 360-degree vision of this large dog stroller and an innovative design, you can enjoy your pet’s enjoyment without leaving their seat! Our high enclosure ensures they’re getting all-round visibility while also providing safety. The optional easy-fold bumper bar provides them with a view just like mommy or daddy gets – even if something goes wrong along the way!
  • STYLISH ZIPPERLESS DESIGN: The retro luxury dog stroller is equipped with the world’s first lightweight aluminum alloy frame which has an elegant and sleek gradient design. Along with shoulder straps for your carrier as well as adjustable handles made from high-quality leather fabric to keep you comfy but trendy at all times! This stylish accessory can be used in both formal or informal settings; it’s perfect whether you want to glam up or just run errands around town on those lazy days where looking good isn’t exactly necessary (but still want something classy).
  • KEEP YOUR PET COMFORTABLE & SAFE: The large breed dog stroller cabin is a unique, innovative design that prevents accidental escapes and provides your pet with the comfort they deserve. It features large mesh windows for ventilation; two safety tethers ensure their wellbeing while you’re out running errands or traveling long distances in-between destinations! The stroller’s dual canopy also has an easy access feature – great if Fido loves being outdoors too and enjoying all those sights on his daily walkies through town!
  • 360° MOVEMENT: This luxury stroller for large dogs is easy to push and has a 1-button brake system. It can be easily maneuvered in all directions with ease, which makes it perfect if you’re going on an adventure!
  • EASILY CLEANED & STORED: The double-layered carrier fabric and seat cover are all removable, so you can wash it! Simply pull the quick-release locks to uninstall wheels. Then fold up your Retro Luxe Large Pet Stroller in order for it to be stored standing or lying down during transport – just like a regular pet stroller would do at home when not being used.
  • SNACKS & SUPPLIES STORAGE: This luxury dog stroller comes with cup holders, side pockets for you to store drinks, snacks, accessories, or anything you and your pets need!
  • Retro is a large dog stroller that also fits with multiple pets up to 30 kgs.


  • Recommended Weight Limit: 20.0KG/44.10lbs
  • N.W.: 7.7KG/17.0lbs
  • Cabin Dimension: L57 W34 H55.5 (cm); L13.4 W22.4 H21.9 (in)
  • Stroller Dimension: L51 W85 H98 (cm); L20.1 W33.5 H38.6 (in)
  • Folded Dimension: L51 W36 H89 (cm); L20.1 W14.1 H35.0 (in)
  • Accessories: Safety tether x2 / Inner Cushion


  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • Let the fabric air dry in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight.


Collapsible Light Weight Stroller Chart



  • Design: The multiple-pet stroller from Cloud 9 Pet Stroller is extremely ergonomic. For the comfort of your pets, the multiple pet stroller also features several mesh windows for air ventilation! The handle of the multi-pet stroller, which has a soft grip that makes it comfortable to hold, can be used to hoist the stroller. The front tire of the multi-pet stroller is made of solid rubber, which combines speed and functionality to make moving it easy even on uneven terrain. This premium multiple dog stroller with huge wheels is the perfect new vehicle for your four-legged companions.
  • Metal frame with a long lifespan: Steel gives its modern design its strength and rust resistance.
  • Highly Portable: This multiple-cat stroller is compact and portable, and it can be conveniently stored. It is a breeze to bring along on all of your multiple pet adventures thanks to the simple one-hand fold!
  • Breathable: The multiple pet stroller’s breathable mesh siding is ideal for several pets up to 20kg, and it also has a sunroof so your pets can enjoy the fresh air. It’s easier to check on your pet when there is a mesh sunroof! A mesh undercarriage is also included; these are excellent for toys or leashes. This compact stroller definitely knows how to keep you well-organized, even with several dogs.
  • Included extras: A detachable mat makes this multiple-pet stroller immediately usable. When going for a stroll, an extra layer of security is offered by a leash hook on the inside of the entrance. Additionally, the back of the multiple pet stroller has storage compartments where you can keep your phone, wallet, and other minor necessities.
  • Four maintenance-free wheels: The wheels give you a wonderful outdoor experience by enabling effortless glide without ever needing to lift them totally off the ground. Additionally, it has quick-braking rear wheels, which are excellent for travel in busy locations like markets, shops, and malls.
  • EU1888 baby stroller standards-compliant and SGS Compliant
  • Numerous pets can choose from a variety of Cloud 9 Pet Strollers items made with simplicity and comfort in mind!

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Additional information


Mint Green, Mustard Yellow

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