Soft Sided Pet Carrier


The best soft sided pet carrier bags offer maximum comfort in addition to safety and security for your pet.

Each and every Ibiyaya soft sided pet carrier for dogs, cats, and rabbits features a comfortable cushioned interior for your pet. The way you live and the needs of your pet were taken into consideration during the design process of our pet carriers.

The Flying Pal Foldable Pet Travel Carrier is an airline approved soft sided pet carrier. It is ideal for small pets due to its maximum capacity of 6 kilograms, which is equivalent to 13.2 pounds. The Classic Pet Carrier is a top-loading pet carrier that is also a soft sided pet carrier airline approved. It features an advanced ventilation design and is constructed using eco-friendly EVA and faux leather materials.

The Collapsible Traveling Pet Hand Carrier is an excellent small soft pet carrier choice for taking your pet to the veterinarian or for running any other kind of quick errand. It can be used as a purse for either a dog or a cat. This pet diaper-friendly handbag is lightweight, has 360-degree visibility in all directions.

The SGS quality test, the ESCR test, and the waterproof test were all successfully completed by all soft sided pet carrier for dogs, cats and rabbits. Since the company's inception, Ibiyaya has made the security and convenience of its customers its top priority. Our foldable, lightweight, and eco-friendly soft-sided pet bags have a capacity of no more than 8 kilograms and are made of materials that are friendly to the environment (EVA).

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