Small Pet Carrier


Depending on your precise requirements, Ibiyaya offers a wide range of options for small pet carrier bags. We create our pet carriers based on their styles and features. We have a 5-in-1 tiny pet stroller for people who live an active lifestyle (EVA Combo).

The best small dog carriers with a detachable cabin for tiny animals are the Cleo and Travois, while the Astro Lite has an incredibly light frame. The Cleo and Travois models are also suited for numerous small dogs due to their spacious interiors.

If furparents want to give their pets' lives a little more excitement, our small dog carrier bags are fantastic. Puppies, kittens, cats, and even bunnies fit perfectly in our extra-small pet carrier. You can travel with your four-legged friends thanks to our strollers! Additionally, it will make visiting the vet easier.

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