Puppy Strollers


The Best Puppy Stroller Collection

Puppy strollers by Ibiyaya come in a variety of styles and configurations based on multifunctionality, size, lifestyle, and activities.

The CLEO Travel System is a foldable stroller with a detachable cabin that works as a puppy carrier. The best lightweight pink puppy stroller is the Astro Go Lite, which is ideal for cruising across the city or at SM, Megaworld, Robinson, and Ayala shopping centers.

The Double Decker puppy stroller is a multiple small dog stroller that respects pet privacy and prevents fighting in one cabin.

The 5-in-1 Eva combination is the best puppy stroller available from Ibiyaya. It is suitable for the Philippines, both in terms of climate and landscape. It is tested in the mountains of Benguet province. It is able to maintain cats' comfort for more than 10 hours of car travel. It is not only strong but also patent-registered and SGS quality-certified.

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