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Choose from one of our puppy backpacks for hiking to enjoy the great outdoors with your pup!
You’ll never have to leave your puppy at home again after buying our puppy carrier backpacks. Our puppy backpacks for hiking are specially designed to keep your fur baby comfortable and safe as you take on the Philippines’ most challenging hiking trails. You can also use our products as a puppy-front backpack and in an airplane as our products are versatile and airline-approved. Our EVA Pet Carrier is our most versatile backpack for carrying puppies. It features a 4-in-1 combo carrier and can be used as a travel carrier, dog shoulder bag, small carrier with wheels, and a car seat booster. This puppy carrier bag guarantees your pet’s comfort no matter how you plan to use it. Another puppy carrier backpack that has become a favorite among many pet owners is our New Denim Fun Lightweight Puppy Backpack. It can be used as a puppy front backpack and features multiple mesh windows to prevent your pup from overheating. Using this puppy backpack for hiking is sure to keep your fur baby happy as you take them on hikes! We care for your pup as if they were our own, which is why we’ve created high-quality, pet-friendly puppy carrier backpacks for you. Visit our website to choose one, so you can finally enjoy the Philippines’ hiking trails with your best friend!

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