Medium Dog Carrier


Medium-sized pet carrier for fur babies with a big personality You can travel with your cat or dog worry-free since Ibiyaya medium pet carrier line is recognized for its strength, comfort, and 360-degree ventilation. The SGS-certified quality of our products will guarantee that they last for many years to come! On the other hand, the washable pad makes cleanup simple no matter what happens, whether they receive a cut or something is spilled on them (which could happen). Ibiyaya medium dog carrier bags are all made to always put safety first, no matter what the circumstance may be; nothing should ever be able to take away from their charm thanks to our break-resistant material! Your pet is welcome to join you on all of your trips, including going shopping, attending meetings or conferences, spending time with your significant other on a date, hanging out with friends, and visiting your church or temple. Ibiyaya medium dog carrier bag allow you to travel conviniently with you everywhere you go and keep them close!

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