Detachable Pet Strollers


Pet Stroller with Detachable Carrier Collection The Ibiyaya cat & dog stroller with detachable carriers is intended for one or more small pets or small to medium-sized canines. As always, SGS certification ensures these items' dependability, attractiveness, ergonomic construction, and use of sustainable materials. Because it can be used as a tiny pet stroller, dog carrier with wheels, shoulder bag, dog car booster, and small backpack with wheels, the Eva 5-in-1 pet stroller with detachable carrier is the most adaptable model in the world, the first in its field. The nicest feature is that it can be folded up and is small enough to fit in a handbag. Complete and all in one! For medium-sized dogs, there are the Ibiyaya Travois and Cleo dog stroller with detachable carriers. It is versatile, features wheels that are incredibly nimble, and has EN1888 certification. Ibiyaya dog and cat stroller with detachable carriers are splash-resistant, constructed of breathable fabric, and offer improved pet safety features. Ibiyaya designs are renowned for its pet-safe, certified, versatile, comfortable, and ergonomic items.

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