Collapsible Pet Carrier


Super Lightweight and Environmental Friendly Foldable Pet Carrier Material Ibiyaya is very skilled at design since we are known for our sense of fashion, practicality, comfort, and ability to fold to save space for storage. Our collapsible pet carriers can fit in your car's compartment after folding up due to their small size. The collapsible dog and cat carrier has a patent registration ensuring authenticity, is composed of an eco-friendly material (EVA), and is extremely lightweight. The Diamond Deluxe is a collapsible pet carrier that is airline approved that is stylish and refined, making it the ideal accessory to bring tiny dogs with you when you go out to travel, eat at Bonifaction Global Center's friendly restaurant, shop in Ayala Center, or meet up with friends at the Mall of Asia. The average capacity of all foldable dog-cat carriers is less than 10 kg, making them ideal for large cats, small-breed dogs, and bunnies. Get your storage and travel friendly collapsible pet carrier now!

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