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Cat Stroller Carrier

Luxury cat strollers are made just for your pet. It has an average capacity of between 4 and 7 kg. When biking around the Vista mall in Ilocos, driving your car at the Eastwood City, going to the Abreeza Malls in Davao or attending Pet Fashion competion at Parkmall Cebu, you can use the traditional kitten carrier as a cat shoulder bag, the 5-in-1 EVA as a cat backpack with wheels, a kitten booster, a hiking cat backpack, or just a cat carrier bag for your buddy.

SGS has validated this EVA Combo stroller-carrier for its durability and dependability as large cat stroller.

The EVA large cat carrier stroller is also popular among bunnies and puppies due to its 5-in-1 versatility. When looking for a long-distance cat carrier stroller, the detachable cabin of the Cleo and Travis stroler are great options. If you need to transport two cats, it is preferable to use a medium-sized pet stroller to fit your needs.

The Double Decker cat stroller is known as a pet-friendly stroller due to its separate cabin. One of the Philippines' favorite models, especially for those with multiple pets in the house.

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