Pet Stollers 101: How to Choose the Best One for Your Pet

Pet strollers have become essential today. Pet owners in the Philippines buy one for many different reasons: to take their injured or senior pet outdoors, ensure that their pet stays cool despite the humid weather, and protect their small pet against bigger pets. 

However, your pet will only experience benefits if you end up buying the right stroller. Making the wrong choice, like buying a stroller too small or assembled poorly, can only cause accidents and leave your pet injured. These situations can cause your pet to develop anxiety.

We understand this dilemma, which is why we’re here to help. Take a look at the information below and use them when choosing a pet stroller. 

Get Your Pet’s Weight

You’ll save plenty of time and effort in choosing a stroller when you know how much your pet weighs. The money you spend buying a stroller will go down the drain if you find out that it can’t support your pet’s weight. 

Weigh your pet first before looking into various pet strollers. Pets weighing 10 kilos and below are considered small, pets weighing between 10 to 20 kilos are medium, and pets weighing more than 20 kilos are large. 

Check the label of the stroller to determine if it can support your pet’s weight. If your pet weighs almost the maximum weight limit of the pet stroller, look for bigger options. You don’t want to buy a pet stroller with a 15-kilo capacity if your pet already weighs 14 kilos, as you’ll likely have to buy another once your pet grows or gains weight. 

Identify the Purpose of the Stroller

Not all pet strollers are built the same way. A standard pet stroller usually works well in malls but not so much on locations with uneven surfaces, like beaches or campsites. 

Identify how and where you’re going to use the pet stroller. For example, if you want to take your pets to malls and indoor events, a lightweight pet stroller might be apt. If you’re going to bring them to your daily jogs and walks, look for all-terrain pet strollers. For beach trips, a beach wagon might be the perfect option. 

Compare Detachable Vs. Non-Detachable Options

Detachable and non-detachable pet strollers have become more popular today. When buying a pet stroller, you need to determine which of the two matches your preferences. 

Detachable pet strollers are more versatile as you can use them for different purposes. Usually, they can be converted into a pet backpack, pet sling bag, pet carrier, and pet car booster seat. Non-detachable pet strollers can be folded and don’t require too much storage space. This is an excellent choice if you have limited space at home or in your car.

Make The Right Choice

Choosing a pet stroller isn’t just about looking at the price tag — you need to consider other factors, as discussed in this article. As long as you consider these, you won’t have any problems choosing the best pet stroller. 

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