Why You Must Get a Stroller for Your Bunny


Bunnies are the best pets. They can jump really high, are fluffy, and are beautiful. But how frequently do you let your bunny out? If not frequently enough, you must begin immediately. Bunny strollers make it possible to bring your pet along on walks or just to enjoy some fresh air in the backyard. Although bunny strollers come in a variety of sizes and forms, they all share a few features that make them ideal for rabbits of all ages.

Bunnies enjoy hopping about and discovering new areas. When you go for walks or play in the backyard with your bunny, you can keep it secure by using a rabbit stroller. Additionally, pet strollers give bunnies a safe method to enjoy some fresh air without having to worry about them escaping when they spot an interesting animal or person.


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The Advantages of Bunny Strollers

Secure Environment

Utilizing a bunny stroller has several advantages, but safety is one of the most crucial ones. Bunnies are impetuous little beings, so you never know where their curiosity will lead them if they encounter anything intriguing like another rabbit, squirrel, dog, etc. This won’t occur if you use a bunny stroller because your bun will always be enclosed in a secure setting while still being able to explore areas outside of your home.

Bunnies Require Extra Care

Did you know that bunnies have delicate frames as well? Bunnies require a little bit more care than dogs or cats, who can handle being dropped from a table or an even higher height. When you take your bun for a stroll, a bun stroller will keep your bun safe. The use of a bunny stroller is crucial for preventing injuries because bunnies can be extremely frail and even suffer injuries if they fall from a height.

Extremely Practical But Also Fun

Bunnies are curious creatures who enjoy discovering new things, so taking them for daily walks outside is not only incredibly useful but also enjoyable. You could just let your rabbit go around your garden at will, but this is not safe due to all the potentially harmful poisonous plants, insects, and other hazards. Bunny strollers let buns accompany their owners wherever they go without risking injury from outside hazards.

Getting them a small pet stroller can let them explore the world outside of your little living space if you live in an apartment, condo, or have a restricted room. This can be a joyful and memorable experience for the both of you.


Elegant rabbit stroller

Elegant Travois Rabbit Stroller

Multipurpose Pet Stroller Best For Visiting the Vet

Multipurpose strollers are useful for taking your rabbit to the vet. Bunny strollers make it possible to transport them to the veterinarian without putting them through undue strain or harm. Additionally, bunnies don’t particularly enjoy coming to the vet, so everything you can do to make the trip pleasant for both of you will help your bond deepen.


Travel Stress Reduction

Your rabbit will feel safer in a familiar setting, which will reduce the likelihood that they will hurt themselves when they are transported to an intimidating or unsettling location. Their owner being able to safely take them out on walks helps build trust between them and results in less stress overall during movement from one location to another.

Which type of stroller should you choose for your bunny?

The typical materials used to create pet bunny strollers are metal, plastic, cotton, and mesh. They are ideal for storage when not in use because they can be simply folded.

The convertible bunny carrier with wheels, shoulder bag, car booster, and backpack allow you to customize the stroller to meet your lifestyle while retaining comfort and security thanks to its features.

It is important to opt for a rabbit carrier-stroller that has a detachable pad in case your bunny poops or pees inside. Additionally, a complete enclosure for the rabbit stroller is necessary in case the bunny tries to leap off or flee. It would also be perfect to use breathable, cool materials like mesh, which not only keeps the rabbit within but also allows them to look outside while they are safe on the inside. Many pet stroller companies (especially those offered through Amazon) have made claims of quality and durability, however very few are SGS compliant and produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. And lastly, never buy a pet stroller without first verifying the manufacturer’s warranty.


Why should you take your bunny outside with a stroller? 

It’s beneficial for both of you to take your rabbit for a walk in the small pet stroller! It allows them to be safe within their Pet Rabbit Stroller while they roam around and discover new locations. Bunny Strollers offer protection from the wind or winter chill when it’s cold outside. If there are no heaters when you go with your Pet Bunny Stroller, you can even bring water bottles with warm water. Given that bunnies typically have a little amount of room, giving our bunnies fresh air when using a Bunny Stroller outdoors helps them avoid urinary tract infections.

Don’t forget that taking your rabbit for a walk has lots of advantages! This activity allows you to bond with them while also getting them some exercise. Even better, take some snacks with you so they will follow you wherever you go! As always, bring their immunization card with them before going outside in case something unanticipated occurs, allowing vets to act appropriately right away. This is something you can keep in the stroller or in your go-bag!


Ibiyaya Strollers, Perfect for Your Bunny

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You can reach us at pet@ibiyaya.com if you have any questions! You can also email us pictures of you and your rabbit out and about. We adore witnessing you create more wonderful experiences with your cherished animals!


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