Who are we

Established in 2002, the Ibiyaya family has become known for their high-end pet products. Since its humble beginnings in a Taiwanese garage more than 30 years ago, Ibiyaya has expanded internationally through partnerships with distributors in 30 countries. Our many patents demonstrate that we were among the first to design pet strollers and carriers, and we’re always looking for new ways to help pet parents give their pets the best possible care.

Through products that are cutting-edge, thoughtfully developed, and prioritize the needs of our customers, we hope to aid pet parents in forging lifelong ties with their furry little ones.

Almost everyone here at our organization has a pet of some kind, so we know what it’s like to treat our furry companions like members of the family.

We have been selling our products in the Philippine market since 2010, and we are now bringing the Ibiyaya products you know and love to the Philippine ecommerce space!

“Bonds built to last”

Creating Happy, Lasting Memories with Your Pet

What we do

Our ability to provide a happy life for our pets, from the time they are little puppies or kittens until they are senior pets in need of special attention, is at the heart of Ibiyaya. Being a pet owner is all about making the most of the time you spend with your animal companion, and we want to help you do just that with the items we offer.

To achieve this goal, we create one-of-a-kind, patentable, ground-breaking items of the highest possible quality, designed to withstand repeated usage for many years. We understand that our prices are higher than those of some of our competitors, but we can assure you that the quality of our products and our commitment to environmental responsibility are worth the extra cost (through lasting longer, thus minimizing waste, and the use of environmentally-friendly materials). Our products are SGS and ISO compliant because they undergo extensive testing and quality assurance before being released to the public.

Why Ibiyaya?

We hope that one day people will think of Ibiyaya whenever their pet is happy. Because we want our products to be well-received by both pet parents and their furry children, we work hard to come up with novel solutions that serve the needs of both. Since its inception in 2002, Ibiyaya has been dedicated to this cause.

Partner With Us

Help us spread the joy of pet ownership. Ibiyaya distributorship is now open. More details can be found on distributor page, which also includes a contact form.

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