Which Stroller Should You Choose For Your Pets? 3-Wheel vs. 4-Wheel


Everyone is aware of the great value of a pet carrier when traveling with a dog or cat. On the other hand, picking the wrong pet stroller will cause your pet pain and inconvenience. Ibiyaya is here to provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the greatest pet stroller decision for your best buddy because of this (s). Choosing the best pet stroller might be challenging, especially with so many alternatives available. But don’t panic; it’s simpler than you might think!

It’s crucial to evaluate different kinds and styles of pet strollers in your price range before searching for one. Your lifestyle and the environment in which you plan to use the stroller will have a big impact on the design of the pet stroller you select.



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Benefits of a three-wheel pet stroller

The benefit of a pet stroller with three wheels is that steep turns are much easier to navigate. The two back wheels are left to support the majority of the weight and provide stability because the front wheel serves as the primary control of direction.

A quick-paced, more active lifestyle complements the 3 wheels pet stroller nicely because they are easier to operate at high speeds. Grassy fields and rough gravel are acceptable surfaces for this three-wheeled pet stroller.

A 3-wheel jogger or an all-terrain type might work best if you want to take your pets for some off-road fun or around your local nature trail.

Benefits of a four-wheel pet stroller

The stability, center of gravity, and ease of steering of your stroller are all impacted by your decision between a 3-wheel and a 4-wheel model.

Since the weight is spread more equally, a 4-wheel pet stroller provides much more support for your pets because it is positioned closer to the ground.

This four-wheel pet stroller is better suited to flat terrain and an urban environment. More wheels provide more stability, keeping you and your pet secure and content.

We can’t wait to hear your choice! Shop now to find the perfect pet stroller!

Is Buying a Stroller for Your Pet Really Necessary?

It might be challenging to distinguish between pet items you actually need and those that are only a nice-to-have. You might wonder, “Can this purchase actually improve my pet’s quality of life?”

We hear you. The most important thing for us as pet owners is to give our animals the greatest possible life, at whatever cost. Since pets are family—not only pets, but also our furbabies—they should be treated with the same respect as our human family members.

The pet stroller is one pet accessory that has grown in popularity in recent years. There are several reasons why pet parents should think about acquiring a pet stroller for their pet, despite some people’s doubts to the contrary.

This post will debunk some common misconceptions about pet strollers and go over the advantages of owning one.

  • Pet strollers are ideal for your small, aged, or disabled animals.
  • Pet joggers assist in keeping your pet active and social
  • Vet appointments can be less stressful with pet strollers.
  • Pet strollers can facilitate travel and broaden your pet’s horizons.
  • Pet strollers enable less active animals to exercise
  • Other pets can use pet strollers as well, not just dogs!
  • Pet strollers are fantastic for households with several pets.
  • Do your research because there are several pet strollers for various pet types.
  • Ibiyaya pet strollers for your pets

Pet strollers are ideal for your small, aged, or disabled animal companions

Pets may struggle to walk for a variety of reasons. Their size, age, physical condition, or disability can be the cause. The experiences that can only be had by their younger, healthier, and properly shaped counterparts without a stroller should not be denied to them, though. Pets with disabilities or those unable to walk long distances can benefit greatly from strollers.

Pet strollers make it possible for older or heavier animals to exercise without putting undue stress on their bodies. Like people, our pets may not be able to move as far as they once could as they get older. Getting them a stroller will solve this problem.

Pet joggers assist in keeping your pet active and social

Your pet may be elderly or have physical restrictions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to go for walks and discover their surroundings. Jogging Pet strollers give them a way to accomplish that without exerting themselves excessively. By introducing animals to a variety of people, sights, and smells in a low-key manner that won’t overwhelm them, strolling also aids in the socialization of pets.

Vet appointments can be less stressful with pet strollers.

For some pets, going to the vet can be frightening and stressful, especially if they don’t know the place or have a bad memory of it (e.g., getting shots). Due to having to share the room with several other pets, a vet office may contain a wide variety of sights, odors, and sensations. A pet stroller gives your pet a place to feel safe and comfortable in what they may perceive as an unsettling and dangerous environment.

You can avoid carrying your pet to the veterinarian or groomer by using multipurpose pet strollers. This is especially helpful for owners of cats and bunnies, whose animals might become restless when held.

Pet strollers can facilitate travel.

Pet strollers may make travel much simpler for you and your pet, whether you’re taking a lengthy train ride, a long flight, or both. If your pet is small, it’s possible that they won’t be able to sit still in a car seat or their hard, uncomfortable travel container for an extended amount of time. They might also become restless or fidgety. They can also have a cozy spot to rest while still being able to observe their surroundings with the help of a multi-purpose pet stroller. A pet stroller can enable larger animals who would have problems traveling long distances to keep up with the family without needing to be carried.

Strollers for animals can broaden their horizons

Even when they are unable to walk on their own, strollers allow kids to experience the great outdoors. It can also save the lives of pet owners who have to transport their animals on lengthy journeys or errands. There is undoubtedly a pet stroller out there that can make life simpler for both of you, no matter what needs your pet has. Therefore, if you’ve been considering getting one or not, we advise you to do so. Your pet will appreciate it.

Pet strollers enable less active animals to exercise

Even while your pet may have a pet stroller, that doesn’t imply that’s all they’ll utilize. Some animals could like a combination of exercise and outdoor time. Smaller animals may find it difficult to walk lengthy distances (such as through a large park or through the mall). On the other hand, some pets are simply not designed for a lot of physical exercise. That doesn’t imply that they don’t want to go and won’t take any walks. Even if they aren’t as active as other breeds, they can still get exercise by using a pet stroller.

While you are out and about exploring, your pet can have a pleasant place to rest in a pet jogging stroller. A pet stroller can be a lifesaver if your pet gets exhausted easily. Pets that are recovering from surgery or an illness may also find it beneficial. You can transport your pet without worrying about them overexerting themselves or growing too weary by using a stroller.


Other pets can use pet strollers as well, not just dogs!

Dogs, cats, and rabbits are just a few of the animals that can use pet strollers. A small pet stroller might be a terrific way to transport a small animal if you don’t want to worry about it getting lost or hurt.


Pet strollers are fantastic for households with several pets.

Additionally, some pet owners have multiple animals. It might be challenging to take your dog and cat—or numerous dogs—for a walk at the same time, especially if they have different degrees of activity. You can easily take them both out if you have multipurpose pet strollers.

Do your research because there are several pet strollers for various pet types.

If you’re considering purchasing a pet stroller, it’s crucial to conduct preliminary research. You should be careful when purchasing a pet stroller to ensure that it is of high quality and will meet the demands of both you and your pet. Before making your ultimate choice, take into account factors like size, storage, usability, cost, and reviews.

There are many kinds of pet strollers to suit different personalities, just like there are in everything else in life. You’ll need a stroller that can keep up with an active dog that likes to run if you have one. On the other hand, if your dog is older and begins to slow down, you’ll want a lighter, easier to maneuver stroller.


The most crucial factor, regardless of the kind of pet stroller you select, is that it makes your life simpler and enables you to spend more time with your furry buddy. Therefore, if you’re unsure whether a pet stroller is the correct choice for you, we suggest go for it! Your pet and you will be happy you did.


Pet strollers by Ibiyaya for your different pet needs

Your pet will love the Ibiyaya pet strollers! Whether you have a little dog, cat, or a large dog, they have a variety of strollers to suit your needs. You may carry along all of your pet’s necessities because the strollers are incredibly portable and have a lot of storage capacity. Additionally, they come in a range of colors and designs to fit the preferences of every pet parent.


Ibiyaya is the way to go if you’re searching for a pet stroller that will definitely draw attention. We also have additional options if you’re just searching for a straightforward pet stroller that will do the trick. Whichever road you take, we are confident that an Ibiyaya Pet Stroller will make your pet happy.

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If you’re planning to take your pet on vacation with you, make sure to keep them safe and happy with Ibiyaya travel carrier.


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